eCASE (electronic Consultative Access to Specialist Expertise) is a novel strategy to enhance patient care, currently in the prototype phase. For traditional referrals, patients often wait months to see a specialist, however minor advice may be all that is needed. Conversations are mediated through a web-based platform, and Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are able to attach clinical documents that may help specialists in making a recommendation. An educational interaction with knowledge transfer is encouraged when the specialist answers the call. In the spirit of “capacity building”, specialists are recruited for their interest in teaching and communication as well as their recognition as key opinion leaders. Patients may have their healthcare issue dealt with by their PCP instead of needing to see a specialist. This will often render face-to-face consultation unnecessary.

eCASE Provides

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    Assistance with plan of care

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    Learning opportunity

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    Enhanced ability to manage the patient in your office

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    Questions answered within 1 week and commonly within a few days

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    An opportunity to speak directly with specialists

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    Timely guidance and advice

eCASE Does Not Provide

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    Appointment booking

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    Arranging transfer

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    Arranging for laboratory or diagnostic investigations

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    Informing the referring physician of results of diagnostic investigations

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    Arranging a hospital bed

What is eCASE?

The Providence Health Care (PHC) Shared Care team that brought you RACE is now developing a complementary e-Consultation service called eCASE (electronic Consultative Access to Specialist Expertise). This project is currently in the prototype phase, and is connecting PHC General Internal Medicine specialists with Family Physicians. We are using the “dr2dr” desktop and mobile platforms to improve communications between providers and simplify the patient journey. This service is available to Primary Care Providers (PCPs) from across British Columbia and the Yukon.

Login to dr2dr for eCASE:

Please email to attain access to the dr2dr platform.

What is e-Consultation?

e-Consultation is a model of Shared Care where family physicians can securely ask a specialist a non-urgent question through a text-based system, attaching any clinical documents that may aid the specialist in making an informed recommendation (test results, images, patient history etc.). The specialist will respond within one week.

Downloadable Files:

See this eCASE FAQ for more information

See this document for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a question and retrieve advice

See this helpful document to learn more about the eCASE specialty areas and scope of practices 

See this helpful Tip Sheet on how to use eCASE more efficiently!

Watch our eCASE Videos here!

When to use eCASE

eCASE is intended for non-urgent patient-care questions. Aside from this requirement, we leave it up to you to determine if your concern can be effectively addressed through eCASE. For example, questions that require physical examination would not be appropriate. Some appropriate topics for eCASE may be:

  • Questions on medication management: dosing, new therapies, drug interactions;
  • Interpretation of images and test results: x-rays, ECGs, blood tests etc.;
  • Reassurance of your existing care plan;
  • Interim management options while waiting for a specialist consultation.

If you would like to sign up or have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at