What Family Physicians are Saying About RACE

“…  It is fantastic to be able to get answers immediately that I normally would either

  • refer to a specialist and have to wait months for an appointment,
  • try and look up online but not be confident of the answer,
  • play telephone tag or fax back and forth with a specialist regarding the clinical situation or,
  • just take my best guess with the clinical situation.

It has given me a level of professional satisfaction, professional empowerment and improved patient care.”

“It is such a useful service – every time I call I receive timely and helpful advice on some challenging issues”.

“Great when someone actually calls you back but very frustrating when there is no response and you are expecting it. There should be a good quality control to eliminate those [specialists] who don’t respond within the required 2 hours. In that case, one is delaying a decision on an emergency situation which could delay critical care.”

Comment from RACE admin: We realize it is very frustrating when you do not receive a call back. We occasionally have a glitch in the TELUS system where the digits do not come through on the pager and the specialists is unable to call back. We are working with TELUS to resolve this and appreciate your patience. If you do not receive a call back within 2 hours – Please call 604-806-8558 or email race@providencehealth.bc.ca.