Key Benefits

  1. eCASE simplifies the patient journey
    • Patients do not need to visit with more than one healthcare practitioner when eCASE is part of the solution.
  2. eCASE will improve patient outcomes
    • Upon further scale-up, access to many differing specialty areas will be advanced through eCASE.
    • Family physicians develop deeper knowledge on their patients’ conditions through repeated use of eCASE.
  3. eCASE can reduce systemic costs
    • For appropriate non-urgent cases, eCASE provides a more cost-effective method of initiating treatment when compared to traditional referrals.
  4. eCASE strengthens the connection between Primary and Specialty care
    • eCASE provides a new channel for communication and problem-solving between family physicians and specialists; relationships are developed and strengthened over time.
    • Avoiding the travel and wait-times associated with a specialist visit.
    • The timelier initiation of treatment or diagnostics.
    • Having their care delivered by the provider that they are most used to.
    • More effective specialist visits if action can be taken in anticipation of the appointment.

Benefits for Specialists:

  • Reducing specialty wait-lists across the system, improving specialists’ capacity to see necessary cases in person.
  • Access to a flexible model of co-managing patients, allowing specialists to address questions at their convenience (within 7 days).
  • eCASE provides a way for family physicians to be updated on the newest treatments, therapies, and health services relevant to the specialty area in question.
  • Specialists are remunerated providing advice on managing patient care.

Benefits for Family Physicians:

  • eCASE acts as a resource to direct your patient’s care, expanding family physicians’ functional scope of practice to deliver care in the communities where patients reside.
  • Knowledge is translated from specialists to family physicians through using this service over time, improving family physicians’ ability to address patient care needs.
  • Being updated on the newest treatments, therapies, and health services within participating specialty areas.

Downloadable Files:

See this eCASE FAQ for more information

See this document for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a question and retrieve advice

See this helpful Tip Sheet on how to use eCASE more efficiently!

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