What Specialists Say About RACE

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to help my colleagues. It is satisfying to be able to give reassurance, to provide helpful advice in real time and to share my knowledge.”

“Answering calls for RACE is simple and allows for real answers in real time.”

“My availability and affability to my medical community practitioners and their patients is clearly owed to RACE and other Doctors of BC initiatives, who work to fill the existing gaps for timely access to expert advice.”

“I love the work, and would love to see more colleagues having this experience and connecting with family docs around the province!”

“The platform is very user friendly… Notification is straight forward with a text message and all the pertinent call back details in the text for easy call return.  The app captures all the pertinent billing details and you enter complete after the request.”

“I find it to be very user-friendly, and a great way to gather the patient data in a confidential but efficient manner.”

“It is one of my favorite things to do…I have these great relationships with many GPs and it makes it so fun.”