RACEapp+ (Mobile & Desktop)

The RACE app allows you to easily request the speciality of your choice in one easy step – no more listening to the list of specialties on the telephone and writing down patient demographics. It allows you to enter patient demographics while requesting advice, ensuring the phone conversation is focused solely on the patient.

Mobile app “RACEapp+”: 

Download the RACE app for free on your Apple or Android device by clicking on the following links:

Desktop (from your internet browser): 

Access the RACE app through your web browser by clicking on the link below:

The desktop RACE app is available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

“RACEapp+” User Guides:

For instructions on how to use the RACE app as a primary care provider, please read through the RACE App+ Manual for Primary Care Providers:

For instructions on how to use the RACE app as a Specialist provider, please read through the RACE App+ Manual for Specialists:

With the latest app upgrade, two factor authentication was implemented so that users only need to change their password once a year. For instructions on how to set up two factor authentication on the RACE app, please read through the RACE App+ Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Instruction Manual:

What is RACEapp+?

The RACE app is an online application where primary care providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and medical residents) can:

  • log into an account
  • scroll through a list of specialty services
  • tap on the specialty you want to connect with
  • generate a request to receive specialist advice within two hours

The app was first launched in 2015 and recently upgraded in 2022. It is available on Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as on web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

The app makes the RACE experience more approachable for physicians and improves the sharing of patient information between specialists and family physicians. Pertinent patient information is collected through the app and available to view later for billing. Users are able to add a professional photo to their profiles, and specialists have the ability to add a note for personal documentation purposes. Specialists receive notifications on their phones about RACE requests, including the time when a call is due back by.

Both the primary care provider and specialist involved in a RACE interaction are able to mark a request as completed when they have connected. The primary care provider has the ability to cancel a request if they no longer need advice from the specialist.

The majority of RACE requests are answered within 2 hours. If the request is not answered after two hours, a text message is sent out to remind users.

The app exists as a facilitator for calls. The interaction remains voice-to-voice.

What Users Say About RACEapp+

“The platform is very user friendly… Notification is straight forward with a text message and all the pertinent call back details in the text for easy call return.  The app captures all the pertinent billing details and you enter complete after the request.”

“I find it to be very user-friendly, and a great way to gather the patient data in a confidential but efficient manner.”

RACEapp+ Upgrade

The RACE App underwent system upgrades and enhancements in 2022. The following user-facing features were released with the latest version of the RACE App:

  • Less password grief with addition of two factor authentication
  • Incomplete text message to requesting providers
  • Link with local specialist first then with other specialists if local not available
  • Ability to designate specialists to more than site/specialty
  • Red circle app notifications when you have a request
  • Consistent date of birth for patient demographics
  • Manual shift reminders for specialists
  • Patient address field is mandatory for Yukon
  • Postal code is required when registering
  • Evaluation survey report and CSV schedule upload

With the app update, a provincial approach was integrated into RACE. Users can now change their “Site of Practice” to Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Interior or Northern to connect with local specialists first. If no specialists are available locally, users are directed to other areas.

If you have feedback about the app you would like to share or suggestions for future app updates please reach out to the RACE admin team at RACE@providencehealth.bc.ca