List of Specialty Areas (Alphabetical)

Vancouver Coastal Health & Provincial (alphabetical) 

Please note that all requests are returned via telephone no matter the request method. The two methods of requesting a RACE telephone consult from a specialist include:

  • Online request via (or mobile app “RACEApp+” iOS and Android). The Specialist will call you back on the direct line listed in your profile.
  • Direct telephone at 604-696-2131 or 1-877-696-2131. For the telephone selection menu, click here. Note that not all specialties are available via the direct telephone request method.
  1. Addictions – Perinatal*
  2. Addictions Medicine (RACEapp+ only)*
  3. Allergy (RACEapp+ only)*
  4. Cardiac Transplant*
  5. Cardiology (RACEapp+ only)
  6. Cardiovascular Risk & Lipid Management
  7. COVID – GIM – Post-Infection Care (RACEapp+ only)* 
  8. Emergency Medicine
  9. Endocrinology (RACEapp+ only)
  10. General Internal Medicine (RACEapp+ only)
  11. General Pediatrics (RACEapp+ only)
  12. General Surgery
  13. Geriatrics (RACEapp+ only)
  14. Heart Failure
  15. HIV Care, Treatment and Prophylaxis*
  16. Hypertension (RACEapp+ only)
  17. Infectious Diseases – Adult (RACEapp+ only)
  18. Infectious Diseases – COVID-19 (Clinical) (RACEapp+ only)*
  19. Infectious Diseases – Pediatric*
  20. Infectious Diseases – Tropical & Post-travel Medicine (RACEapp+ only)*
  21. Medical Assistance in Dying Advice*
  22. Medical Refugee Health*
  23. Medical Termination of Pregnancy Advice*
  24. Nephrology
  25. Neurology (RACEapp+ only)
  26. Obstetrics and Gynecology (RACEapp+ only)
  27. Ophthalmology (RACEapp+ only)
  28. Orthopedic Conditions – Hand & Upper Limb
  29. Orthopedic Conditions – Leg, Ankle & Foot
  30. Otolaryngology/ENT (RACEapp+ only)
  31. Palliative Care (see below for details)**
  32. Parkinson’s Disease and Other Movement Disorders*
  33. Pediatric Gastroenterology*
  34. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (RACEapp+ only)*
  35. Psychiatry – Adult (RACEapp+ only)
  36. Psychiatry – Child & Adolescent (see below for details)***
  37. Psychiatry – Adult Eating Disorders*
  38. Psychiatry – Geriatric
  39. Psychiatry – Perinatal*
  40. Radiology (RACEapp+ only)
  41. Respirology
  42. Rheumatology (RACEapp+ only)
  43. Rheumatology – Pediatric*
  44. Sexual Assault Service*
  45. Sexually Transmitted Infection*
  46. Sleep Disorders Service*
  47. Thrombosis*
  48. Trans Gender Care*
  49. Tuberculosis
  50. Vascular Surgery (RACEapp+ only)*
  51. WorkSafeBC*†

*Provincially available specialties

† Physicians & Nurse Practitioners can only bill if they have a patient with a claim

**BC Provincial Palliative Care Consultation Line (Toll free, 24/7) 1-877-711-5757

  • For those who do not have access to a local palliative care service, for advice or support, call 1-877-711-5757. In ongoing partnership with the Doctors of BC, the toll-free Provincial Palliative Care Consultation Phone Line is staffed by Vancouver Home Hospice Palliative Care physicians 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist physicians and nurse practitioners with advice about symptom management, psychosocial issues, or difficult end-of-life decision making.

***Psychiatry – Child & Adolescent: Call Compass Mental Health (Toll free, 9am-5pm) 1-855-702-7272

  • Compass is a consultative service available to providers across BC working with children and youth with mental health and substance use concerns. The Compass multidisciplinary team can help with diagnostic clarification, medication recommendations, and treatment planning. Calls to Compass are answered by an experienced clinician and take approximately 15-20 minutes. The clinician will triage the call and determine whether Compass can provide day-of support from a Compass child and adolescent psychiatrist. Providers can learn more about Compass and access resources, toolkits, and upcoming webinars at