What Family Physicians Say About RACE

“…  It is fantastic to be able to get answers immediately that I normally would either

  • refer to a specialist and have to wait months for an appointment,
  • try and look up online but not be confident of the answer,
  • play telephone tag or fax back and forth with a specialist regarding the clinical situation or,
  • just take my best guess with the clinical situation.”

“It has given me a level of professional satisfaction, professional empowerment and improved patient care.”

“It is such a useful service – every time I call I receive timely and helpful advice on some challenging issues”.

“I love being able to access all the excellent services that Race provides.”

“I have found RACE specialists are often very understanding of our rural context and limitation. I often do not have the lab tests or imaging resources easily accessible that would be at a larger centre. As a rural physician, it makes my work easier knowing I have the support of my specialist colleagues in a timely and collegial nature. As a patient, it helps provide treatment options and access to care more on par with what urban communities’ experience.”

“Fantastic! This quick and easy process has helped me learn and help solve many patient issues. Amazing service!”

“It is a most excellent resource and I did use it with confidence and with gratitude”

“Just wanted to say what an EXCELLENT resource RACE is. The doctors have all been extremely professional, friendly and helpful. It has helped me avoid unnecessary referrals and gives me confidence that I am doing the right thing whenever I have had a particularly complicated case. The support staff are also great!”

“I’m a family physician who has been making time to use the RACE line more often. I wanted to thank your team for making this available, so helpful for physicians who aren’t in the hospital and don’t have easy access to quick hallway consults.”

“Some of my questions I pose to the RACE experts are quick questions to confirm I’m doing the right thing for a patient if not what to do differently, get a better understanding of the disease process/treatment so that I can explain it better to the patient.  These are questions that generally aren’t big enough to lead to a referral, but nonetheless impact a patients’ care and wellbeing.”

“I learn from and connect with my specialist colleagues, I find it intellectually and collegially satisfying.”

“RACE honestly has been a huge help for me in my first 5 years of practice. It is an incredible tool I promote whenever possible!”